Montag, 11. Januar 2010

The School - 2008 - Destructive Sounds

Genre: Indie Rock
Label:Kong Tiki Records (NO)
If you like Interpol & Co

Yeah finally I got their last album. Their debut album (find it here) was pretty nice and i am not sure if Destructive Sounds could drop it. I think no, but this depends on personal listening behaviour.
So - we talk about norwegian The School, right? There is another band with the same creative name outside, but I didn't know them... These School Band is solid Indie Rock in vein of Interpol but with a lot more drive. And like Kings of Leon with less Hard Rock influences. Danceable and a bit dark and melodic...
Check it!

  1. The Show
  2. Rules
  3. Golden Key
  4. Radio Girl
  5. I Swear
  6. Killer To The Core
  7. White Boys Dance
  8. Elijah
  9. Katharina
  10. Destructive Sounds
  11. Untitled
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Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

Origami Arktika - 2007 - Trollebotn

Genre: Folk, Weird Folk, Ambient
If you like Sigur Ros and/or the "exotic" touch of nordic language

A record with norwegian folk songs by the Origami Arktika collective. I know this part of the Origami Collective more as an Ambient/SoundScape/Industrial Project, but on this record they play a kind of folk music. Really haunting and natural and it has nothing to do, with that freaky stuff that you may know from the finish free folk movement or similar. It's all played live with a lot of space and some subtle background noises. Highly recommend!
Norwegian Origami Arktika create a pleasant aural experience, combining almost meditative traditional styled folk music and atmosphere similar to that of Tenhi, Jose Gonzales or Sigur Ros.
Find a lot more of great ambient/experimental music at the labelsite - checkout the downloads!

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Samstag, 2. Januar 2010

Deep Elem - 2006 - Lost In The Woods

Genre: Alt. Country, Folk, Americana
Label: Reveal Records

Deep Elem is a duo from Midlake, UK and playing plain Alt. Country and so called Americana/Folk Music. The most oustanding track "Lost in the Woods" appeared on that "FOLK OFF" Compilation. The tracks on the same titled mini album shows a slightly different direction. Or better their real way. But the ingredients are the same - sparkle acoustic guitar and banjo and the feel of country music in best sense.

  1. Lost In The Woods
  2. Worried
  3. Heartland
  4. 2000 Yrs
  5. Pastures Of Plenty
  6. Across The Line

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Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

Alan Madej - 2005 - 11 Love Songs

Genre: folk, indie pop
Label: Terrapin Records

Mh, the voice reminds me a bit on Smashing Pumpkins, high pitched boys voice - acoustic guitar and 11 love songs.
Nothing more to say - it's pretty nice and enjoyable.

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

Fionn Regan - 2002 Little Miss Drunk / Blackwater Child; 2005 Campaign Button EP

Genre: Singer Songwriter

"End of History" is the latest Album of irish Singer-Songwriter Fionn Regan. I discovered it late, but better than never. Beautiful guitar songs. Really great. So here ar two older short releases.
Each one has a real gem on it. Sometimes pure acoustic ballads or sometimes with drums and stuff.
I love Black Water Child and The Ballad of the Toad Eaters, so check it out. I hope a new album will come. Here is a single or something like that on

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Montag, 23. November 2009

Mountainhood - 2009 - White Banquet- Live at the Story Chapter 1

Genre: Freak Folk Lo-finess

How many Mountainhood releases scatched the surface this year?
3? 4? 5? Don't know - just to make this listing complete here's an live recording.
fragil Lo-Fi goodness and his frail voice as on the other recordings...

number of glitches can be heard throughout the songs. These glitches are not technology-related but they were produced organically in real-time at the live performance when the songs got intense and [the songwriter] passed into a mild trance, to fade out for a minute, then falling forward heavily, caught [his] guitar strings upon the mic." (insert)

Die Welttraumforscher - 1995 - Sideria

Genre: lovely minimal acoustic/synth pop
Label: Ebus Music (GER)

Die Welttraumforscher (english universe scientists or literally "world dream sciencists") is a project from switzerland. They exist since the early eighties and they are dedicated to the tape/homerecording scene. So they can look back to an extensive backcatalogue of tape/cd/vinyl recordings and they are still active! I've got this CD from 95 and know some stuff from early tapes, but they disappeared in my collection.
So to the music - it sounds very lovely, playful and I think kids would love it. Their lyrics are very poetic tiny little storys. they use cheapo electronics, drumboxes, guitar some noises and create such a mysteriously little world that left you back wondering in your nursery.
All their lyrics are in german - so if you feel exotic grab and enjoy it.

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